about me

I am a molecular biologist with a Ph.D. from Chiba University in Japan. It has been said that science is art in a straightjacket. One day, I took off the lab coat, left my career, and followed my dream. I’ve never looked back.

Art had been a major part of my life since my childhood in Buenos Aires. I loved to draw, and especially loved tango music and dance. But my training as a scientist also plays a role in how I teach tango. I help my students to analyze each movement, always putting it in context.

I teach as I try to live my life – from the inside out, leading from the heart. My students develop a passion for the music, for the culture of the dance, for honest tango. We focus on the basics: personal expression and connection between partners, not on empty flourishes and adornments.

On a practical note, I speak fluent English and Japanese – as well as Spanish, of course.

If you would like to book lessons with me, or if you have any questions before you do, please contact me at tango@alejandropuerta.com.