why me…

Buenos Aires is the birthplace and global home of tango and that means you have many, many options to choose from. Here are top 5 reasons why students love learning from me…

1.   I teach you the real thing. No fantasy tango or complicated choreography created for just tourists. You will learn authentic Argentine tango—the tango we’ve been dancing in milongas for generations. No memorized, fixed steps, only connection, expression and fun. Which is the very essence of tango!

2.   I tailor each lesson to meet your specific needs. This is not “cookie cutter” tango. Depending on your goals and interests, we can focus on technique only, we can give the technical lessons a historical/social/cultural perspective or we can explore how tango can be a perfect metaphor for life. Your tango learning experience and lessons will be designed for you.

3.   I care about your learning. Not all experienced tango dancers are committed to, or good at, teaching. I care about your learning experience and I’m committed to ensuring you get the most out of your time in the studio. My phone is off during lessons so there will be no interruptions. Between lessons you can email me with questions and find additional tango resources on this site.

4.   I’m fluent in English, Spanish and Japanese. No Spanish? No problem! I’m comfortable teaching tango in English, Japanese and Spanish.

5.  I teach in a recently renovated studio. The space is sunny, clean and air conditioned with a beautiful wood floor that has been polished up perfectly for tango dancing.

student reviews

“My time in Buenos Aires was defined by the hours I spent in Alejandro’s beautiful dance studio learning to tango. I had originally planned to take only one tango lesson as part of my Argentine experience; however, those first two hours with Alejandro were so wonderful that at the end of the lesson I promptly scheduled a lesson for the next day. And then the next. And then the next. Ultimately, I ended up taking a lesson with him almost every day of my monthlong sojourn in Buenos Aires and actually learned to dance.

I have always loved to watch dance but felt that I was entirely too clumsy and unskilled to ever seriously attempt it without feeling silly. Luckily, Alejandro is extraordinarily kind and warm; I have encountered few people in my life who have put me at ease as instantly as he did. His warmth and patience is what allowed me to get beyond my own self-consciousness in order to see that I, in fact, can dance. When I think of Buenos Aires, the first place I am transported to is a tranquil room with expansive windows overlooking the cobblestone streets of San Telmo where a man I didn’t know instantly became my friend and taught me not just to dance but to show my inner beauty through dance. “

Leah Pate
Los Angeles, California

“Ce fut un bonheur de rencontrer Alejandro et de prendre 5 cours avec lui en 10 jours. Le temps avec lui est devenu si dense grâce à nos leçons de danse! Alejandro m’a redonné confiance et joie. Le studio est ravissant, épuré, avec une vie magnifique et des oiseaux qui volent dans le ciel d’une bibliothèque bleutée! C’est surtout la délicatesse, l’à propos, l’élégance, la gentillesse et le raffinement d’Alejandro qui m’ont séduite. Un art de vivre, un art de danser et d’enseigner le tango! Hors des sentiers battus! À recommander vivement!


“I came to Buenos Aires for a few weeks feeling unsure of my dancing. I regret not having had a lesson till the last couple of weeks. Alejandro’s personality and professionalism put me at my ease immediately. His encouragement and helpful ideas and exercises has allowed me to blossom again and given me the confidence I had been lacking. He is great for all levels of dancing. A dear friend, just starting tango told us about him. When attending a milonga with Alejandro I had one of the best evenings of my life dancing. I just cannot recommend him enough!”

Pamela Brettell
Cambridge, England

“What an inspiring teacher! Alejandro was highly recommended to me and he more than lived up to my expectation. His passion for dancing comes through in his clear teaching. After only 2 lessons I am dancing with more confidence and body awareness. I enjoyed his company at 2 milongas and he made me feel like the best dancer on the floor.”

Cambridge, England

“‘Tango is not just a dance, it can be a metaphor for life.’ I’m not sure where I heard those words or from whom I heard them, but Alejandro Puerta’s method of teaching tango truly embodies this philosophy.

Tucked away just above the streets of San Telmo is the quaint and artfully decorated tango dance studio of Alejandro Puerta. From the time we stepped inside the elevator in the building which houses his dance studio, we felt as if we had been taken back in time…

A friend and I nervously went to Alejandro’s tango studio after having only a few lessons in the US. During the first lesson we knew we had made the right choice. Alejandro immediately helped us feel at ease by, not only greeting us at the door but also taking the time to get to know us and gathering an understanding what it was each of us wanted out of tango. Afterwards, he watched and evaluated, and then took us from where we were to places we had never been, starting with basics: the tango walk. Alejandro’s patience and gentle way of critiquing and teaching will elevate your tango dancing to the next level. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

‘….to truly learn how to tango, you must first learn how to walk.'”

Renee Allen
Oakland, California

“Your positive energy and passion is energising and brings connection and inspiration, and confidence in myself. I was a bit glowing after our milongas — I can still feel the connection you talk about in your website. I liked your knowledge of the music and the historical details of the tango world and I could listen to you for hours. And I was a bit proud to be with you on the dance floor and feeling you were enjoying yourself. The old mans thumb’s up did help too. Back at work now in Cambridge. Went to a local milonga on Tuesday and I feel more confident and got more dances than usual. I am so glad we had that time together.”

Cambridge, England

“I absolutely loved taking Tango with you. It was so much more than a lesson in dance. It was a whole philosophy of communication and trust that I loved, and it was a beautiful expression in manners and respect. I loved the exercises we did to walk with good posture and smooth movements. I loved the details of your teaching method. I have talked so much about it. I would very much like to get a small group to come spend several hours a day learning and practicing in 2013. I cannot express how much I enjoyed my Tango experience and having you as my teacher was an absolutely perfect experience. Thank you so very much.”

Tandy Graves
Birmingham, Alabama

“We both enjoyed our times with you and your approach to teaching. The lessons you passed along about tango and about life did not go unappreciated. This is the second trip I’ve taken lately and after both I’ve realized something about myself that I hadn’t appreciated before. This time not only did I start to see life as a series of situations that you manage (the method you choose may determine the results), but to also look at life as dance. To allow myself pleasure and grasp life not quite as firmly, but more lovingly. Allow myself to be me and be very okay with that. I hope to visit you and Buenos Aires again. In the meantime I hope it will please you to know that you have made a difference in another’s life, and I thank you.”

Andrew Anderson
Memphis, Tennessee

“Alejandro es un magnífico bailarín y un profesor estupendo. Además es una bellísima persona con la que da gusto compartir cualquier momento tanguero.”

Claudia Schutt

“I was in Buenos Aires for two weeks, and had eight private lessons with Alejandro. He was a wonderful tango teacher and his energy was so positive. I had previously taken a few tango lessons in my home state of Hawaii, and Alejandro gave me clear and appropriate instruction for my level of knowledge and skills, as well as constructive criticism. He also taught me the basic etiquette of tango dancing and accompanied me to two milongas. That was quite a treat.

One thing that Alejandro stressed was walking and posture, and the integration of both elements in learning to dance tango. I also believe that these elements are the building blocks to learning tango steps, and to becoming a tango dancer.

My experience with Alejandro was superb. I am primarily an English speaker, and his English is great. That definitely helped me in learning the tango basics. I look forward to returning to Buenos Aires and taking lessons with him again soon.”

Sharon Rosenthal
Kailua Kona, Hawaii

“It’s been a year since my last visit to Buenos Aires and my last tango lessons with Alejandro. I was so pleased today that I remembered so much from our previous lessons!! Alejandro is such a great teacher! His energy, clear instructions, and enthusiasm helped to again bring the tango world into my heart!”

Sharon Rosenthal
Kailua Kona, Hawaii

“One of the must do’s when visiting Buenos Aires is to take a tango lesson. At age 78, I decided to learn. My choice of instructor: Alejandro Puerta, in his turn-of-the-last-century building in San Telmo. The patience, the articulate explanations, the teaching skills, the in-depth structure of music paired with the walk, steps, and embrace, all come together without thinking or pain. Within 8 to 10 lessons, he invited me to a milonga, staged in an 1890’s nostalgic building. Pure drama. I danced easily, felt fluid and relaxed. Excited and secure, ready for MORE.”

Richard Larson
Angwin, California